I deliver fitness to you in your own home OR you can come to my Home Studio at the beach.

Fitness is fun and you can workout in the comfort of your own home.   Don’t want to workout at home?  You are welcome to my home studio at the Oceanfront and engage in some Pilates Reformer and/or other forms of exercise and equipment.  Would you prefer outdoors?  I am steps away from the beach and the state park.  I’ll show you that fitness tools are all around. You bring the willingness. I’ll bring the rest! 

Fit to be Strong Strength can be obtained quickly if you commit to an exercise plan for at least 30 days. Hire a trainer 2-3 times a week and you’ll start seeing initial toning and fat loss in about 2 weeks! 

Fit to be Healthy Diet and exercise go hand in hand. I’ll provide you with tips and tools for boosting your metabolism, staving off those cravings and replacing your bad habits with long-lasting good ones. 

Fit to be YOU! Being healthy lets you live a full life – a life that includes keeping up with your kids, feeling good in your clothes and, yes, enjoying a burger and beer! I’m a trainer who understands and encourages a well-rounded lifestyle.

Everyone is FIT TO BE TRAINED!