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I’m Karen Dougherty and my  goal is to motivate and to teach you at home with just a few inexpensive accessories! Being accountable with a trainer is the best way to stay committed in your everyday life.

I’m certified with the American Council on Exercise and  the Yoga Alliance.  I completed a 200 hour Intensive Yoga Study with The Yoga Center of Minneapolis. I’m also certified with STOTT PILATES® for the Pilates Reformer (www.merrithew.com)and with the Physical Mind Institute in the Pilates Method Mat.  You get it? I’m certifiable! Just kidding.  Sorta. I’m certified and more than qualified to help you reach your fitness goals.  No matter how old or what shape or size you are.  Even injured; and need some help with your recovery?  I’m your girl.  I currently work part-time at the great Innovative Therapy and Wellness Clinic where I have an endless amount of information and help with recovery at my fingertips.  I also work part-time in the fitness department at Westminster Canterbury because I love working with different populations: young or old.

Follow my blog for quick exercise tips, nutrition ideas, newfangled devices that wow me and an occasional kick in the arse by saying: CLOSE THIS COMPUTER AND GET UP AND AT ‘EM! LET’S GO, NOW! 🙂

(Seriously, get moving. I’ll still be here when you get back).

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