100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil’s Benefits

Posted on April 6, 2013 · Posted in Diet, Inspiration, Quick Tips, Women's Health

download (1)I recently treated myself to some 100% virgin organic coconut oil at Trader Joe’s for $5.99!  I kept hearing about the benefits  of this magical product from friends on facebook, at the gym, etc.  I had to try it, I was just plain curious.

Coconut Oil, which is derived from the meat of matured coconuts, is a mild flavored & extremely stable oil.  Thanks to this stability, it is suitable for cooking and heats well to high temperatures.  It is yummy!

Out of pure laziness I added a couple links for this post because these  gal ‘s say it all already!  I have personally tried most everything on this first list except for #1, 7, and 8.  But you can bet your petootie,  I will try it.

I found this list of 101 uses of Coconut Oil just plain fun to read.  Enjoy!

I LOVE Coconut Oil and I am so glad I found this miracle of nature! :)