Inspired and Grateful

I was inspired to write a post today but didn’t know on what.  How about on feeling inspired and grateful? 1st quarter of 2014 was difficult, I lost my Mom in January…such a sad and low time.  The weather was insane all over the country which was harder to cope with than people realize!!  My stress level was so high I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t get my own workouts in and I was eating poorly and way too much. Danger on so many levels!

What did I do to turn things around?  I hired a couple of trainers to make me accountable 2 days a week and I took 2 Group Fitness Classes another 2 days.  I couldn’t really afford NOT to.  Spending money to get back on track was worth it! Once I started training regularly again I was able to clear my head and get the paperwork done that was hanging over my head and stressing me out so much.  Then I was able to sleep and eat better.  Voila!!

I’ve dropped 3 lbs so far, I am experimenting with different food plans and I feel great.  Thank you to those that tolerated my derailment. Thank you to Alysa and Lou the 2 fine trainers that helped whip me back into shape.  Even Trainers need Trainers!

I hope this inspires you to do what it takes to get you back on track and in shape.  🙂

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