Muscle is Beautiful

DSC_0095Muscle is beautiful in my opinion and for most of my adult life I have been trying to build more.   At age 47 things are starting to move south, so I figure…… if I build up the muscle in my legs I won’t have saggy knees!  No brainier!  lol!

The key is not only weight training but in what we eat.  The eating part is a little more tricky for me.   I have been doing more reading on the subject and I have included a few tips and links in case you are trying to build as well.  I realize that 2 of these articles are from Men’s Health.  But remember Ladies, muscle is NOT just for men!!

The next piece of the puzzle is how we train AND rest.  I prefer CrossFit training, a nice mix of weight training and endurance training.

Compound exercises, such as squats, step-ups and lunges, coordinate your leg muscles to work together. These exercises often mimic the foot positions and movement patterns that are common in most daily activities and sports.

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Happy building 🙂

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