Pilates Mat/Reformer Training

Pilates Mat/Reformer

Pilates is a system of movement that re-educates, re-aligns and balances the body.  This Method focuses on your core muscles; abdominal, back, hamstrings, and all the stability muscles in the shoulder girdle and Hips.

Pilates  is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

My journey with the Pilates Method started in 2001.  I was 34 years old and had terrible back pain and it was affecting my workouts and my life in general.  I tried Yoga and it gave me relief but only temporarily.  Pilates was becoming popular in Minneapolis at the time so I hired a trainer and gave it a try.  I saw results within 6 weeks and was thrilled.  I was so impressed that I went and got certified in Pilates Mat by the Physical Mind Institute in 2002.

In 2016 I enrolled to become STOTT PILATES® Certified in Reformer(www.merrithew.com) and I achieved my certification in 2017.  This course really took my education and understanding of the anatomy and mechanics of the body to such a higher level.

Please consider trying this form of exercise with me at reduced rate
to introduce you to this fascinating arrangement of movement.
These rates are available 1 time only for a $10 to $50 dollar savings.

$65.00 for 1 session

$120.00 for 2 Sessions

$165.00 for 3 Sessions

$200.00 for 4 Sessions

$225.00 for 5 Sessions

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