10 Minutes of Exercise CAN make a difference.

10 Minutes of Exercise CAN make a difference.

10 minutes of exercise can improve your outlook, mood and overall health.  Try doing this 1 to 3 times a day!

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people regarding there day to day life would be there is not enough time for exercise!  The intention is there but the day slips away from you.

Believe me, I understand.  I try to schedule my workouts in the morning so I don’t flirt with the idea of playing hooky all day.

Try this short workout:

Set Timer for 10 minutes. 

See how many Rounds of the following exercises you can do.

5 Push ups

10 Sit ups

15 Squats

(Just getting moving again?  Start with wall push-ups or start on your knees).

You can do this!!

7/18/2013 Quick Workout

jumping-jack-cardio-workout7/18/2013 Quick Workout

40 Jumping Jacks

30 Crunches

20 Squats

10 Burpees

Repeat 2 times for beginers and  3x for intermediate or continue for 20 minutes.

Always warm up with a few reps. of each exercise and a short jog.   Cool down and stretch, you are nice and warm so your muscles are nice and pliable and ready to stretch.