Holiday Tips – Let’s fight the battle of the Bulge during party season!


Hey All!

It’s the holidays and the world seems to be covered in chocolate!! Everywhere I go, whether it is a friend’s house or work I am confronted with candy, cookies and other indulgences. What do I do? I am like everyone else, I eat. I try my best to eat in moderation and sometimes I do well, other times I don’t. So I thought it would be helpful to go online and look for some tips on how to win or at least fight the battle of the bulge during the Holidays.

  1. Before you go to a party, eat something healthy so you are already partly full.
  2. Drink water in between alcoholic drinks
  3. Pop a mint or a piece of gum in your mouth before you enter a party
  4. Eat vegetables first
  5. Take only 3 bites of a dessert
  6. Choose only the items you REALLY want
    Here are the lowest calorie cocktails
  7. Vodka and club soda or seltzer with a lemon or lime
  8. Bloody Mary (extra spicy)
  9. Glass of Pinot Noir or Champagne
  10. John Walker Black or Rum and Diet Coke
  11. Scotch on the Rocks
  12. Light Beer
    I found these pictures from the My Fitness Pal Blog (this is a free App that I highly recommend to all my clients that are tracking calories.) I found these pictures of party plates really helpful.

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