Metabolism Boost for Spring


Calories in, calories out.  Sounds simple, right?  But sometimes we need a jump start, just a little boost, to kick our metabolism back into gear.  Adopt this eating program (despise the word diet) for a few days or up to a week to hit your reset button and find your willpower again!

Go buy a cannister of Whey Protein (Protein Plus, etc).  It should have 23-25 grams of protein per serving.  The goal is to fight hunger. So you can eat all the vegetables you want except for carrots, peas and corn.  The greener the better.  You can have 12-16 almonds per day and two hard boiled eggs per day.  I suggest you hard boil a dozen eggs every Sunday so you’ll easily be able to grab and go each morning.  If you get a sugar craving at night, I suggest yogurt.  You can also add yogurt to your protein shakes since a lot of protein can cause constipation. Eat a snack every 2-3 hours.

Here’s an example plan for a day waking at 6am.

Within an hour of waking, make a protein shake. Add ice, a little fruit, shot of coffee. Go easy on the milk.

9:00am – Hard boiled egg with 8-10 oz water

11:00am – 6 almonds and 8-10 oz water

12:00-1:00pm – You can have a 400-600 calorie lunch (preferably lean meat and vegetables)

3:00pm – Hard boiled egg with 8-10 oz water

5:00pm – 6 Almonds and 8-10 oz water

6:00pm – Shake

8:00pm – Snack

I am doing this myself at present.  Want to show off some muscle so I would like to release the spare tire from around my waist!  Just got done boiling my eggs and I am getting ready for a fun energized week!  This program always teaches me self control and let’s me realize……

1.   How much I eat when I am not even hungry!

2.   How often I forget to eat at appropriate times and I lose control of my blood sugar, therefore I binge-eat.

So be aware of your behavior (don’t judge) and learn a few things about yourself.   Enjoy!!


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